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Important Amazon Dates to Keep in Mind for 2022

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Amazon Prime day and seasonal sales are the ideal times of year to heighten your marketing campaigns for the most impact to the overall operation and success of your Amazon business. This is a huge part of preparing for a productive year of Amazon sales.

But, do the same things need to be considered for those who are planning to sell their Amazon business soon?

The short answer would be “yes”. If you are considering offering your FBA Amazon business for sale, then you need to develop a strategy to assure your e-commerce secures a high valuation and in turn a satisfactory sale price when you go to an acquisition company. So, why is the status of your business so important?

There are three reasons that offer an explanation:

  1. Your business health does a lot to fuel the interest of your buyer. A healthy Amazon store provides a driving force that makes for a faster and more profitable sale.

  2. Your business health keeps liquidation values high. Your buyer is an investor, and investors are looking to put their money in something that will bring them more future returns. Proving that your business will provide these desired sales is critical to convincing your target buyer that your business is the right choice.

  3. Selling your FBA business is similar to selling a product on Amazon–you have to prove to the buyer that you are the best among the competition. You are not the only option around. You need to show that you're offering the buyer the best investment opportunity.

When it comes to successfully exiting your FBA business, you need to one up the competition. Doing so will give you the opportunity to develop viable financial records that will serve as evidence that your business is worth every penny of investment that you ask from an Amazon aggregator.

If you still need to build up your sales before you want to shop your FBA business around, pay special attention to the most important times of year when Amazon customers go crazy for sales. So, what are the best Amazon dates for the rest of 2021 and coming up in 2022?


Coming up just around the corner is the Black Friday sale on November 26, which gives sellers the opportunity to offer special prices and give their buyers and loyal customers a steal. The Black Friday Sale is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, so it’s highly recommended that all sellers target customers and take advantage of huge profits that can be earned.

When planning for this big shopping event, you need to pick your top-selling products to attract the crowds and convert product searches into traffic and sales on your end.

CYBER MONDAY: November 29

If you are offering products in line with digital devices and electronic gadgets, then this special day sale is for your shop. It is important that you prepare for this event though; look ahead on what competitors may offer and make sure to have plenty of inventory on hand, as well as properly promoting the discounts and deals you will offer.

Keep prevailing trends in mind so you can find ways to create a connection between your products and what is ‘viral’, thereby enticing more shoppers to purchase digital devices and electronic gadgets. Knowing your target audience is critical to achieve this.

Who are your products for?

Who do they cater to the best?

How do your products help?

Given the sudden shift in home life and work culture as a result of the pandemic, many consumers are eyeing Cyber Monday sales to complement their remote work schedule.


The winter holidays are a commercial staple, even strengthened by the pandemic as friends and family turned to online present shopping more than before. Buying gifts online offers more convenience to shoppers, which means that the months leading up to Christmas are warmly celebrated by Amazon sellers and buyers alike, as consumers browse the best presents and the best deals during this time.

So, how do you make sure that you get the best of this date?

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Make sure you won’t lose sales because of out-of-stock inventory. Connect with loyal customers to offer them specials or first dibs. If you invest in Amazon advertising or PPC ads, you can reach more eyes and attract more customers. Provide great customer service post-sale so you have positive reviews. Whatever you do, make sure you are prepared for lots of sales so that you can ensure your FBA shop will look appealing to Amazon aggregators who will see the hardwood and economic payoffs of purchasing your business.

AMAZON PRIME DAY 2022: June/July

Traditionally, Amazon Prime Day occured around the second week of July. However, because of COVID and global changes, such as supply chain and shipping problems, everyone had to adjust. In 2020 the event moved to October, and this 2021 it took place in June.

As the world and commercial activities return to ‘normal’, it is expected that in 2022, Amazon Prime Day is expected to resume the usual summer schedule and should fall somewhere at the end of June or beginning of July. Another new change to Amazon Prime Day is the extension from a single day to a two-day event.

There are different strategies to employ to make sure that your products and store get enough attention from frenzied shoppers during this time. Use keywords that will direct buyers to your Amazon sale and optimize your product listing so browsing turns into sales.

The Key to Successful Amazon Event Sales

Prepare for the event

To sell successfully and register high sales, you need to gear up with a strong strategy leading up to the event. As previously mentioned, there are a number of steps to take in preparation: load up on inventory, invest in an effective marketing plan, optimize your listing, and provide good customer service. If you are planning to sell your FBA business, preparing for these special sales events will later help you secure a positive financial basis for your business that you can use to establish the health of your business, and stand out from the competitors.

Establish Your Marketing Strategy

In the two weeks before the day, really vamp up your marketing efforts to get the attention of your buyers. Through the use of effective keywords, Amazon advertising, PPC, and promotions on third-party websites, you will be able to get the attention of the right people and drive them towards your store’s promotions.

Keep Your Financial Records Clean and Clear

Make sure that you keep detailed financial records, especially as you register sales both annually and seasonally for sales events. Remember that these statements will be the evidence that your business is doing well and that the health of your FBA business is fit for an Amazon aggregator to purchase.

What You Need to Remember

When putting up your FBA business for sale, you need to remember that your online shop should be impactful and interesting. It should be strong enough to grab the attention of your buyer and secure a strong valuation. On your journey to exiting your FBA business, you should find out what exactly your company is worth. If you’re not satisfied, use these upcoming Amazon sales events to your advantage to build up the health of your business and create a strong company profile.

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