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Top Products to Sell on Amazon

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Given the massive turn of events in the international market in 2020, the year 2021 presented new adjustments for sellers, and a slew of new products receiving attention from buyers. While there are some products that have remained popular on the platform, there certainly are some fresh items that have been fueled exclusively by the pandemic. These new entries into the list of top products that are now considered “best-sellers” on Amazon have been driven by a rising demand in the market.

Whether you are just starting your Amazon FBA business this year or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for your next winning product, this list may help you pick the right product to include in your portfolio for a better turn-around on your investment.

Although this list does not exhaust every profitable product on Amazon this 2021, it should give you an idea of the direction consumer demand has taken recently, and show you what to consider when trying to get the attention of shoppers. Along with this list is a guideline that provides a new and definitive construct on how you ought to post your products to make sure your target market will pay attention to what you’re offering.

The first thing to remember is product research is integral to picking a standout product and following the changing trends of time, regardless of whether you have just begun your Amazon seller journey or if you have already been operating for some time on the platform.

Here is a brief list of some of the top-selling products on Amazon in 2021, broken down by category and divided further into subcategories:

1. Personal Health Care Products

  • Facemasks

  • Hand sanitizers

  • Alcohol spray

  • Carry-on spray bottles

Due to the pandemic, personal healthcare products have rocketed to some of the highest selling items in the market, seeing record demand. Previously, these products didn’t particularly stand out, but have recently gained attention globally as necessities changed.

The benefit to these types of products is that most buyers purchase wholesale orders, which means faster turnaround of profit for you, and inventory turnaround is usually quite fast as well.

2. Personal Care Items

  • Nail Polish

  • Hair Care

Across the world people were forced to stay at home during the pandemic, which caused increasing interest for personal care items purchased and delivered directly to the home, as this was the most practical choice for many buyers. Because of this, sellers in turn experienced a rise in demand in this particular product category. Personal care items climbed the ranks and became some of the most searched for in the platform. Although there has since been a small decline in the demand as businesses start to open their doors to the public again, many consumers who found they were capable of getting a salon experience at home have continued to do so, and will keep purchasing online to save time and money.

3. Healthcare and Fitness Products

  • Fitness Items

  • Yoga Mats

  • Water Bottles

  • Exercise Accessories

Looking for a way to get in a gym workout at home and stay healthy while unable to leave the house, buyers became more interested in purchasing fitness products online. From exercise accessories to yoga mats and even exercise machines, sellers have found these items profitable but also highly competitive during the height of the pandemic.

The positive benefit for sellers in this niche is that although the pandemic is losing momentum and people are gradually going back to their old lifestyles, these new, at-home fitness cultures have already been established. This drive to attain personal fitness easily and from the comfort of your own home is expected to maintain a strong presence, meaning fitness products aren’t going anywhere in the near future, so if you want to be a top Amazon seller, take note.

4. Home Games and Toys for the Family

  • Board Games & Family Games

  • Puzzles and Other Activities

Kids were required to stay at home and adapt to virtual school and house-based activities, shifting the whole family dynamic. With everyone at home, the demand for better family activities has risen, driving the sales of family games and toys.

In the hopes of simultaneously entertaining and getting a break from devices, a lot of buyers browsed Amazon for items to help fill the empty hours at home.

During this time, the search for special games also increased. The more unique and extraordinary the game, the more premium a price tag you can place on it. This is one of the strategies that Amazon sellers during this time have embraced and found successful.

5. Digital Gadgets

  • Laptops and Laptop Accessories

  • Computer Accessories

  • Work-from-home Computer Desktop Setups

As everyone was asked to stay home, both students and workers, the rise of demand for digital gadgets has affected the daily sales on the Amazon platform.

Criteria for Top-Selling Products on Amazon

Remember that when it comes to selling on Amazon, top-selling products often change according to the trend, even fluctuating daily. This is why long-term Amazon sellers do as much as they can to adapt to an ever-changing consumer climate in attempts to properly manage their inventory.

Here are some criteria you might want to consider when picking the right product to sell:

1. Look for the trending products in each available category

If you are working within a broad niche, you might want to examine some of the specific categories that are related to the products you’re looking at launching. In every category, you will find a trending product. Conduct research to see which products are consistently top-sellers or see if you observe any cyclical or regular trends so you can get in on the next big sales.

2. Stick with a niche and make a name

Although you may opt to take on trendy products and add them to your offering, be mindful about maintaining a constant, reliable presence. You need to make a name as a seller in order to survive and beat the competition on Amazon. Stick with a niche, and expand on related products so consumers start to see your brand in more than one place and associate you with a variety of items. You’ll gain a recognizable identity within the Amazon market.

3. Consistency in demand is key to consistency in sales

Look for products that have consistent demand over long periods of time.

The base rate of product sales doesn’t have to be sky-high, and a product that sells a small number of items daily can still be profitable. On Amazon, the most important thing is that you are able to sell your products every day. There may be some high-ticket products on the platform but if they only sell once in a blue moon, then the expenses and low sales don’t make up for your efforts. An evergreen product with steady demand is a guaranteed way to achieve steady sales.

4. Check the product reviews

The most reviewed products are logically the most purchased ones. Buyers tend to post their reviews, whether they were pleased or not, which means you can gain a lot of insight by reading how satisfied a customer is with a certain item. When looking for a top product to sell on Amazon, be sure to browse the reviews first and find out what the consumer enjoys and what they would change about the product; maybe you can meet their needs.

5. Test product before launching on the market

The best products to sell on Amazon are the products that you trust. Of course, part of selling on Amazon is marketing what you have in your inventory. You want to be transparent, so it is necessary that before you decide to add a product into your portfolio, you have tested it firsthand; this way you can back up your marketing strategy and prove to your clients that the item you sell them is of the best quality, and that it’s something you would use yourself.

6. Easy inventory, easy shipping

The best products to sell through the Amazon platform are the ones that are easy to stock and fast to ship without worries. This is especially true if you choose to be an FBA Amazon seller. It is easier to store your products in inventory and ship them out as orders come in without the fuzz of planning the logistics and figuring out how they are going to be packaged and delivered.

Key Takeaways

The Amazon platform offers a rich and exceptional experience for sellers around the globe who want to make a name in the field of online selling and e-commerce. And to make it a successful business, you must pick a strategy and use it to your advantage.

Take into consideration the current and recent trends when defining the path you want to take as an Amazon seller, and if you’ve decided that it’s time for you to sell your Amazon business, contact us today and we’ll get you ready for your next journey.

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