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Make Use of Amazon’s A10 Algorithm’s Ranking to Benefit Your Selling Strategy

Amazon is an ever-growing market and because of the changes in the global community, Amazon has grown ever larger, reaching a bigger market scale which includes thousands of additional sellers. With this growth, competition has also grown much tougher.

Amazon management quickly realized the need to set a balance between old and new sellers, evening the playing ground a bit to make sure that everyone would profit from business on the platform. In order to do this, they have changed the nature of their A10 algorithm that affects the product rankings featured in their marketplace.

Instead of focusing on SEO alone, Amazon now highlights the need to establish a culture of customer-centered service. Although content is still considered an important factor for sellers, Amazon now weighs heavier on the constructs of how the sellers are interacting and connecting with their buyers. Because of this, to become an Amazon seller, you are faced with the challenge to work even harder on marketing efforts and discover more effective ways to connect with prospective buyers.

So how do you use the new A10 Algorithm that Amazon uses to rank product posts?

Product Relevance

Although pay-per-click marketing strategy is still a solid strategy, it does not have the same effect on product rankings as it did before. What the Amazon algorithm concentrates on right now is the relevance of searches and the conversion rate of each click into a profitable sale.

The more relevance and clarity that the descriptions accompanying product descriptions convey, the better as measured by the algorithm. The product listing descriptions ought to be as detailed as necessary to provide customers with a clear picture of the product’s features and benefits, as well as take the opportunity to include keywords and factor in to searches for products with specific search terms.

Over time, buyers have become more intelligent and often search for exact terms when it comes to finding the product that they want online. For this reason, we see more instances of buyers waiting until they find an exact match before purchase, meaning the first option they come across does not always end up being the product they purchase.

To maintain a successful Amazon FBA business and stand out against the competition, it’s imperative to show the customers what you offer and how your product can be advantageous. Prove you are a serious seller by defining your product characteristics simply and clearly, and connect with your prospective customers by not just advertising a product, but painting a picture of the benefits of your product.

When writing your content and presenting your product descriptions, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think of what needs they have that are met by your product, and try to make a reference to this in your descriptive content.

Drive Traffic From Third Party Sites & Affiliates

Outside of Amazon, there exists a world of opportunity where you can advertise on traffic-driving platforms, such as social media networks that drive tons of interested parties to check out the advertised product.

This is where affiliate marketing works best. The more affiliate connections you have that will directly promote your product will affect the manner by which the A10 algorithm recognizes the market potency of your product.

Optimize Your Page

Maybe your product page needs a touch-up, and this doesn't just mean popping in some keywords to boost SEO. Page optimization in Amazon now asks that you attach SEO keywords to your images, your title, your description, and the entire content, which is in your best interest anyway.

What you need to remember is that the A10 algorithm favors products through measuring KPI success defined by the item posts.

Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the relevancy of keywords aligns with the readability of your content. Everything should read naturally and not sound ‘salesy.’ If the reader senses that the content is designed to sell rather than to inform, they bounce to other products in the list. Hence, it is important that you keep your visitors reading through your descriptions until you convert them.

When you post content, keep these questions in mind:

  • Why does the buyer need your product?

  • What makes your product stand out from what other sellers offer?

These questions highlight the need of every Amazon seller to work on how they present their products to shoppers. Instead of merely selling a product in the Amazon marketplace, you figure out how to leverage your content to one up the other sellers, with the goal being engaging more customers and beating the competition to make a sale.

Authentic Reviews on Amazon

Reviews and star ratings play a huge role as a driving factor that determines how attractive a product is in the eyes of customers and how likely they are to purchase. More buyers now go straight to the reviews once they have narrowed in on a product to buy based on the descriptions posted by the seller. Often, they trust the reviews more than the descriptions themselves.

This is why with the Amazon A10 algorithm, the value of customer ratings and reviews pulls a lot of weight in determining the rank that your product will take when populating the search results for a certain category.

So how do you secure 5-star ratings and genuinely positive reviews for your products? The most effective way is to establish a connection with your customers. For instance, there are clients who have specific concerns before they want to buy. They would want to ask questions about the products and confirm details, and they want their information directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Making yourself readily available to respond to these questions is critical to securing a positive review, which means answering any and all customer questions, as these will often help multiple customers once Q&A’s are posted on your product page, making your content more comprehensive, informative, and transparent.

Another way to guarantee customer satisfaction–and therefore more positive, 5-star reviews–is to keep track of logistics and make sure that your shipment arrives at its destination speedily and that the product inside is of the utmost quality.

To motivate buyers even more to leave a review, some sellers go one step further and incentivize with freebies or special discounts, which often inspires customers to leave a positive, if not glowing, review.

Key Takeaways

In the end, what you need to remember when considering all the metrics that Amazon’s A10 algorithm addresses, it’s not just untouchable data that makes a difference; you need to put in extra effort to connect with your prospective customers.

If you want to be a top seller, it takes more than simply posting a product and sleeping on it. If you really want to make a mark and climb the seller ranks on Amazon, proper marketing is a must. Focus on what the customer wants and how you can both engage and address their concerns before a purchase is made.

Establishing a platform that welcomes third-party sellers and offers them additional help along the way has placed Amazon apart from other online selling platforms.

Some of the highlights of what ambitious sellers who want to master the A1 algorithm should remember:

  • Use the right keywords and optimize your posts, from images and product title to product descriptions and bullet point content; everything should read naturally with the use of the right keywords to accompany your product listing.

  • Invest in driving traffic to your Amazon page by connecting with third-party websites, including affiliates who can multiply one campaign into several more within a few clicks and the right audience.

  • Determine a more effective way of engaging with shoppers through establishing communication prior to and even after you make sales in order to motivate them to leave positive reviews and high ratings.

As it has been repetitively noted in this post, your efforts as a seller to improve consumer experience is what the new Amazon A10 algorithm is about. This innovative culture of online selling that is established by Amazon is what sets it apart from the many sprouting online selling platforms around the globe.

The goal of the company is simple, to encourage sellers to be more serious about the way they respect and consider the satisfaction of their buyers. This approach also prevents the entrance of scammers in the system, making the whole Amazon platform a generally trustworthy go-to online shop.

So, whether you are a new or already an experienced Amazon seller, you are given the fair chance to make endless profits from the platform, especially if you are willing to give 110% to reach out to your prospective buyers and serve them. And if you have already found success as an Amazon entrepreneur and you’re curious how to sell your Amazon business, there are numerous investors who can lead you on the journey to a successful exit, like Umbrella Fund.

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